Are Steering Wheel Knobs Legal On Commercial Cars?


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Wondering if steering wheel knobs are legal on commercial cars? If you probably don’t know what a steering wheel knob is; a steering wheel knob is an item that is attached to an automobile’s steering wheel.

Some funny names for this item can be granny, suicide, and wheel spanner which is actually the more generic term used by drives.

So are steering wheel knobs legal on commercial cars?

Yes, they are legal for most commercial vehicles, which includes semi-trucks or dump trucks, but their use is actually regulated in few states, except you are handicap of course.

So you will be better served to know the regulations regarding wheel knobs in your state of residence.

Should I get a steering wheel knob? (advantages and disadvantages of car knobs)

Based on the recent I conducted based on opinions of car knob owners, here are some of the advantages of using a steering wheel knob I was able to come up with.

Advantages of using a steering wheel knob

  • Suited for persons with a physical disability
  • Efficient for small spaces
  • A good fit for large vehicles
  • Good for unpaved roads

1. Suited for persons with a physical disability

One of the first findings I was able to make was that steering wheel knobs are well suited to persons with physical challenges such as arthritis (a phenomenon common with old people), sclerosis, and tendonitis.

Steering wheel knobs help to improve hand control for persons with such issues by reducing the strength required to turn the steering since they are likely to drive at a slower speed.

2. Efficient for small spaces

If you happen to find yourself in a tight parking lot, then you will appreciate how effective a steering wheel knob can be.

They help you quickly turn your steering wheels thereby causing you to make sharp turns and save you time in the process, and you only need a single arm to make it happen as well.

3. A good fit for large vehicles

Driving a large truck can be quite challenging if you don’t have the built and patience required to direct the steering wheels.

Steering wheel knobs give you an easier option in such a situation, and they also prevent sore fingers that are most likely to be the case for drivers who drive heavy trucks regularly.

4. Good for unpaved roads

Steering wheel knobs are also ideal for untarred roads, or roads with lots of bumps that require lots of steering handling since your hands are likely to be on the steering most of the time.

Just like most things in life, there are also disadvantages of using a steering wheel knob on your steering, and some of them include the following

Disadvantages of using a steering wheel knob

  • Not suited for high ways and fast cars
  • Can’t be installed easily
  • Takes a first-timer time to adjust to its simplicity

1. Not suited for high ways and fast cars

Drivers will agree with me that the handling on a steering wheel is generally lighter when at high speed, and as such, using steering wheel knobs can prove to be fatal since it gives you very little control over such situations.

The reason why steering wheel knobs are ideal for elderly people, and persons with health issues is because they are unlikely to go on high speeds even on the highway – the same can be said for truck drivers.

2. Can’t be installed easily

Unlike your regular steering wheel cover, steering wheel knobs cannot be easily installed by anyone and would require the help of a professional for proper and safe installation which would cost you more money.

3. Takes a first-timer time to adjust to its simplicity

A driver who is used to driving hard steering wheels would be required to use a power steering for proper acclimatization before proceeding to steer wheel knobs, and this can be time-consuming depending on the individual though.


Are there penalties for driving with steering wheel knobs?

Based on my research, I couldn’t find a particular fine for states in the U.S.A, but some European countries tend to fine offenders about 90 euros for using steering wheel knobs without the regular permit or papers.

So be sure to seek clarifications before installing one in your vehicle.

Are steering wheel knobs dangerous?

It all depends on your familiarity though.

The fact remains that steering wheel knobs are not ideal if you drive at high speed regularly.

Although, some think the name “suicide knob is attributed to how fatal it can be, research has shown that it isn’t.

Are steering wheel knobs legal in California?

No, steering wheel knobs aren’t illegal in California because it is a codified state, and since it isn’t expressly prohibited by a section of the California state vehicle code, then it can be considered illegal.

Here is a sample of the California vehicle code.

What states are steering wheel knobs illegal?

Almost all the states in the U.S.A have no direct ban on the use of steering wheel knobs, but the states of Washington, Oregon, New York, Michigan, and Kentucky will require you to have a special permit. 

Why are knobs on steering wheels illegal?

For starters, they aren’t illegal.

Some states even advise persons who are handicapped to use them to ease the burden on driving.

It can only be illegal if the laws say they are, and so far, there haven’t been any clear statement on the illegality of steering wheel knobs.

Are Steering Wheel Knobs Legal On Commercial Cars? – Conclusion

I personally don’t see the need for steering wheel knobs especially with the availability of power steering wheels, but if you find the need for one, you can always go ahead as long as you can get a good grasp of it in time. 

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