Can I Put Wheel Cover On A New Steering?


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One of the precautions we take after purchasing a new product – regardless of what it is – would be to try to maintain its look and shape for as long as we possibly can.

The same still holds for steerings.

YES, you can put a steering cover on new steering without having any reason to be pessimistic about it.

Here are some of the benefits of having a steering cover on your steering wheel – whether old or new.

Benefits of having a wheel cover on your steering

  • It increases your grip on the steering
  • Comfortable driving
  • It gives you the option to customize
  • Protects your original wheel from wear and tear

1. It increases your grip on the steering

We don’t pray for certain emergencies to occur such as a tire blowout, or its equivalent, but maintaining a firm grip in such situations will go a long way in saving you from injuries, which would be quite difficult if your steering is bare and slick due to long usage and exposure to some weather conditions.

Even in the winter months, having a steering cover on your steering wheel will make it very easier to hold.

2. Comfortable driving

Nothing beats the feeling of getting into your car and having your steering feel warm in winter months, and cool in summer months – this is what a steering cover will give you.

Steering covers help to regulate the temperature to your liking without you doing anything too special other than using one, unlike bare steering wheels that tend to keep you waiting in your front seat while you turn on your heater to make it warm in winter months, and vice-versa.

3. It gives you the option to customize

I am an avid soccer fan, and I can categorically tell you that I have my official team logo plastered on my steering wheel without having to damage the steering itself.

My steering wheel cover comes already customized with my team, and other options are ranging from NBA teams to NFL teams. 

4. Protects your original wheel from wear and tear

Like I pointed out in the second paragraph of this article, steering wheel covers will help in protecting your original steering wheels from accidental scratches and general wear and tear as a result of constant gripping.

Even the rays of the sun can cause your steering wheel to get baked in the sun which can cause it to crack or even break at some points – a steering wheel cover will help you to prevent such from happening.


Do steering wheel covers ruin your steering wheel?

As I have pointed out before, no, they don’t. Just take a look at the benefits listed above to clear any doubts you might have about this subject.

Steering wheels are adorable to your vehicle especially since you can get the ones that match with your vehicle interior or exterior – depending on your preference.

Is it good to have a steering wheel cover?

Absolutely! You will be doing yourself more harm than good if you don’t end up purchasing a steering wheel cover for your vehicle.

They come in different styles and textures which can have a deep connection to your personal preference or choice.

You just can’t go wrong with any of these in your vehicle.

Do steering wheel covers fit all cars?

In terms of fashion and design, yes they do.

However, not all steering wheel covers are the same in terms of material composition, size, and grip circumference.

You have to ensure that you have the right measurement of your steering wheel before making any purchase so that you don’t be at a loss.

How do you install a steering wheel cover?

The following steps should help you install your steering wheel cover in no time at all:

Step 1

Clean your steering wheel – preferably with isopropyl alcohol – it will help to remove dirt or dust that are likely to get themselves attached to your steering.

Step 2

I am certain you got the right wheel cover size for your steering wheel.

If you didn’t, simply use a tape and measure the diameter of your steering before making a purchase. After the purchase, unpack the steering wheel cover before proceeding to install it.

Step 3

You might have to stretch your new steering wheel cover to fit with your steering due to the packaging.

To avoid this, use a blow dryer to blow hot air within the steering cover – this will help it expand a little bit, thereby making you use less force to fix it in.

Endeavor not to take the blow dryer too close to the steering wheel cover, and ensure you fit it in immediately. 

Step 4

Endeavor to centralize and stabilize your steering wheel for it to fit perfectly. Start fitting the wheel cover from the top before proceeding to other areas.

Use your fingers to fit the other part until the entire section is covered.

Can I put the wheel cover on new steering – Conclusion.

Wheel covers give a good feel and look to your vehicle, and it would only be right to drive with your identity staring in front of you, which is definitely what a steering wheel cover can give you.

I hope you get one today if you haven’t. kindly let me know if you have any further questions or observations in the comment section.

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