Can You Drive With A Bad Steering Angle Sensor?


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A bad steering angle sensor is an issue that can occur with certain cars. In most cases, the motor will still run because it interacts with the throttle instead of the steering wheel

However, you will not be able to steer the car. If this is an issue that affects your vehicle, then it is important to have it checked out immediately by a professional.

What Is a Steering Angle Sensor?

A steering angle sensor is a device that helps a car’s onboard computer understand the position of the steering wheel.

This is important for things like stability control and anti-lock braking systems. There are two main types of steering angle sensors- analog and digital.

The digital sensor is more common and uses an LED light to detect the wheel angle, turn rate, and other important information.

Sensors are vital for car performance and safety, as they help the vehicle take appropriate actions in certain scenarios.

How Does A Steering Angle Sensor Work?

A steering angle sensor is a device used in cars to determine the direction the car is turning. The sensor sends information to the car’s computer system, which then determines how much power to apply to each wheel in order to keep the car going in the desired direction.

How do you know if your steering angle sensor is bad? (Symptoms)

The steering angle sensor is responsible for relaying the position of the steering wheel to the electronic stability control module.

If this sensor is not functioning correctly, it can cause a variety of problems with the car, including, but not limited to, difficulty turning, incorrect or unstable steering behavior, and activation of the electronic stability control system.

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There are two methods of resetting the steering angle sensors: manually and through diagnostic tools. If your car is not driving correctly, it is important to check if the steering angle sensor has been properly reset.

What happens when a steering angle sensor goes bad?

If the steering angle sensor is not working correctly, it can cause all sorts of problems with your car. The most common issue is that the car will start to drift or pull to one side.

This happens because the onboard computer is getting incorrect information from the sensor about how the wheel is turned.

Steering Angle Sensor Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing a steering angle sensor can range anywhere from $150 to $500. This cost can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the severity of the issue.

In some cases, if the steering angle sensor needs programming with the steering column control unit, it can be replaced for around $120 or more.

What can I do to prevent my angle sensor not to going bad in the future?

There are a few things you can do to prevent your angle sensor from going bad in the future. Many sensors are integrated with the steering column control unit, so it is important to keep that part of your car in good condition.

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If your engine check light comes on, it means that the sensor is not working properly and you should take it to a mechanic right away.

Additionally, if you notice that your radio cuts out or that the steering buttons and hooter don’t work, then there is a good chance that your angle sensor has gone bad.


If you are experiencing problems with your steering angle sensor, the best thing to do is take it to a mechanic and have them run a diagnostic test.

This will help determine the exact problem that’s causing the failure. They will also be able to give you a price estimate so you can financially plan for your future.

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