Do Motor Car Steering Wheels Have Airbags?


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Yes, most modern motor car steering wheels have airbags.

Steering wheels are manufactured with or without airbags, though most modern cars are now equipped with mainly steering wheels that have airbags for safety purposes.

It is common practice to change steering wheels from standard fitment to the aftermarket types.

However, you should be sure to replace one with an airbag with another that has an airbag too, or installation may be difficult or even impossible.

However, we should take note of the fact that though most factory-fitted steering wheels have airbags, the same cannot be said of the aftermarket steering wheels which hardly come with any airbags.

That is the reason why most states in the US make the purchase and use of these aftermarket steering wheels illegal.

Otherwise, the aftermarket steering wheels can be a perfect fit for your vehicle, especially with their multiple types and designs.

In summary, replace a steering wheel with an airbag with another that has one too.

How do I know if my motor steering wheel is real?

The first thing to take note of is the fact that a good steering wheel responds smoothly to touch and produces no noise whatsoever while driving.

Furthermore,  it does not overheat and gives off no odor despite the length of use.

Most importantly, a good steering wheel does not feel loose or wobbly.

Can I change my steering wheel if it has an airbag?

Yes, you can, though you should be careful to make sure that you replace alike for the steering wheel.

For instance, replace a steering wheel that has an airbag with another that has an airbag too.

Also, make sure that the hub or adapter of the two steering wheels is fully compatible.

Otherwise, installation may not be possible.

How do you remove a steering wheel without an airbag?

The first thing you must do before removing a non airbag steering wheel is to disconnect the battery before you proceed according to the steps below and remove the steering wheel. 

  1. Start by removing the steering wheel horn pad by pulling it firmly. Though this procedure may be tough, it doesn’t put the steering wheel at any risk. If you have the aftermarket steering wheel that bears its horn in the center, you should gently pry around the outside of the button using a flat tip screwdriver or alternatively probe so as to dislodge the button from the wheel.
  2. Then, disconnect the wire from behind the horn button.
  3. Next, using a 24 mm socket and ratchet, remove the nut which retains the steering wheel and the washer behind it.
  4. With the aid of a paint knife, nail polish, or any appropriate object, mark the orientation of the steering wheel to as far as the splines on the end of the steering column shaft.
  5. Thereafter, pull the steering wheel straight off the end of its column.

How do you reset an airbag light?

The airbag light comes on sometimes when wrong signals are relayed from the steering wheel sensor which will make resetting them very important afterward.

To properly reset them, utilize the following procedures:

  1. Insert the key into the ignition and turn the switch on.
  2. Now, watch the airbag light come on. If it does, it shall stay illuminated for about seven seconds before going off again.  After that, turn the switch off immediately and wait for a further three seconds.
  3. Repeat the first and second procedures two more times. This will suffice as far as the resetting of your airbag light is concerned.

Do motor car steering wheels have airbags? –  Conclusion.

An airbag is primarily designed to protect you in cases of sudden and strong impact as may be experienced in accidents.

Older vehicles are mostly not provided with this piece of equipment.

Thankfully, you can install them with the use of professional assistance. 

All kinds of steering wheels can be changed whenever they no longer serve satisfactorily,  provided enough care is taken to ensure complete compatibility of the wheels.

Finally,  you are advised to be careful when changing your factory-made steering for the aftermarket type especially since many of them do not have airbags which makes them risky to install in your vehicles.

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