How To Fix MB Emblem Cracking On My Steering Wheel


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How To Fix Mercedes Benz (MB) Emblem Cracking On My Steering Wheel: It’s almost impossible to remove the emblem since in most cases it is part of the airbag. However, you may try to prise it off the steering wheel carefully in order not to break it because most of them are made of plastic.

Usually, the emblem is fastened to the steering wheel using a few pins on their backs and even if they break, you can use glue to reinstall them.

To fix a cracking emblem on the steering wheel, you may either have to buy a new airbag or a replacement emblem that can fasten over the old one. The emblems are usually thin and hence can fit over old ones without any protrusion.

How can I make my leather steering wheel look new?

Like most other things, steering wheels also wear out and lose their color and beauty. You can use a steering wheel cover to protect them. The SEG Direct Black and Red Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover is highly recommended or alternatively learn how to restore them whenever they fade or crack.

There are steering wheel covers that represent your favorite sports team (if you are a fan) or install a Wood Grain Steering Wheel Cover.

To restore your steering wheel, you must first remove it and prepare to clean and repaint it with a spray gun in any color of your choice.

Tools you require to do this are 3/8 inch Drive Extra Long Torx Socket Set, Allen Socket Set 3/8, and 3/8 Breaker Bar.

The materials are Plastic and Leather Prep, Plastic Adhesion Promoter, Vinyl, and Plastic Spray Paint or Clearcoat, masking tape, and 500 grit sandpaper.

Step 1: Start by disconnecting the battery and if you don’t want to, at least make sure that you don’t insert the key in the ignition while you have the airbag removed as doing this will trigger the  Airbag or SRS light to come on. You will also require an OBD scanner to rest the airbag light if you trigger it.

Step 2: Remove the airbag and hold it in place with two bolts and disconnect its electrical circuit. Then, unplug the connectors that get to the steering wheel buttons too.

Step 3: You should then remove the center bolt with the aid of a breaker bar. Take note of the groove in the center of the steering wheel before pulling it out.

You may use a marker to make a line on its shaft which will assist you when reinstalling the steering wheel later.

After this, you can sand and clean the steering wheel a lot using sandpaper to remove any cracks. Thereafter, prepare the steering wheel by using a filler to fill up any gaps and allow the filler enough time to dry before you sand, clean and paint it in this sequence.

Before spraying the steering wheel, make sure that it has no dust. Carbon fiber clothes and residue can be used to fill large gaps or badly damaged steering wheels.

How to clean a Mercedes Benz steering wheel?

Dirt and grime can easily get rubbed off on your steering wheel due to constant handling, but luckily, you can restore it with simple steps.

To do that, you should start with a damp cloth and a small quantity of leather cleaner applied to the surface of the wheel to wipe away any dirt.

Rinse this cloth and use it to remove any excess cleaner on its surface before finishing up with a dry towel.

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The next step involves replenishing the natural oils of the leather with a leather conditioner by rubbing the conditioner from your hands onto the wheel and allowing it to stay for at least thirty minutes afterward.

Finally, wipe away any excess conditioner using a clean towel. Ensure to maintain a clean steering wheel between deep cleans with prepackaged quick wipes.

How do you maintain a steering wheel?

Maintaining your steering wheel demands constant attention through lubricating its various components especially those places where a lot of movements take place.

Secondly, you should always make sure to clean it regularly using warm water and a good leather cleaner lightly applied on its surface with a clean cloth, and make sure to conclude the process with a leather conditioner.

In order to guard your steering wheel against excessive dirt and grime, you may use a steering wheel cover and for which you have several choices available from any auto shop near you.

Finally, be sure to seek the help of experts regarding any steering wheel complaints on time to avoid any untoward aggravation of minor issues.

How do I fix a peeling leather steering wheel?

Fixing a peeling steering wheel leather should begin with an evaluation of the tear before washing it up with steam and a recommended detergent to remove any dirt on it.

After this, sand its surface which will level it by creating a uniform surface on which you can apply the paint. Where there are holes in it, use a specific rubber that will act as a filler.

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Then, select any paint color which matches the original before painting. Finally after painting, you may apply layers of transparent varnish to create an extra layer on its refurbished surface.

How to fix Mercedes Benz emblem cracking on my steering wheel – Conclusion.

Virtually all problems of the steering wheel can be easily solved using simple steps in our efforts to restore both its proper functions and attractive looks.

To make matters more convenient, the tools and materials needed to do these are all readily available and the user manual will tell you those specifically recommended for use on your vehicle.

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