Simple Telescoping Steering Wheel Adjustment Process


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Telescoping steering wheel adjustment process: The telescopic adjustment process allows you to tilt your steering system either upwards or downwards and also to lengthen or shorten it in order to suit your stature more conveniently.

This you are able to do with the aid of a lever situated beneath the steering wheel at the end of the steering column.

To be able to adjust the steering column, you must move the steering wheel up or down as you wish.

In order to lengthen or shorten it, you should pull the steering wheel outward or alternatively push it inward, and lock the steering column while in position, pull the lever until it is fully engaged.

Adjusting the steering column while driving or even driving with it unlocked may cause you to lose control of the car.

To this effect, always make sure that the steering column is locked before driving the car because failing to do this may lead to serious accidents.

What is a telescoping adjustment process?

This is the process of adjusting the telescoping steering wheel to the most convenient height and position that will accord the driver free and effective control of the vehicle while driving.

This adjustment process has been much simplified than it was previously and is utilized mainly in General Motors cars like the Cadillac.

How does a telescoping wheel work?

Located somewhere between the steering wheel and the dashboard on the steering column is a sort of metal tab known as the adjusting collar which is attached to a threaded insert that actuates the locking device when loosened.

The adjusting collar is a relatively simple feature to use and is never found without the tilt option for effective manipulation of the steering wheel.

By tugging appropriately at the adjusting collar, you can create a variance of comfort to suit any driver regardless of his or her physical statures.

What is the correct steering wheel position?

Proper handling of the steering wheel is a safety precaution that must not be treated lightly, and it is for this reason that driving instructors always evaluate how you place your hands on the steering wheel before they give any approval for certification. 

There are several positions that qualify here, each with its specific advantages.

First, there is the 9 and 3 technique.

In this position, you are required to place your left hand on the left side of the steering wheel at approximately where the digit nine would be if it were a clock and your right hand at precisely where the number three would be.

The other position of the hands is the ten to two position which is simply putting your hands at approximately the positions of ten and two on a cock.

Additionally, the correct driving position should be such that your face is about 25 cm from the steering wheel in order to avoid any injury in case the airbag is accidentally deployed.

If your car does not have the height or other lateral adjustment features, you should ensure that your seat is placed suitably.

Whatever the case, make sure that your knees are not in contact with the steering column while working either the clutch or brake which will put you at risk should there be an accident.

How do I lower my steering wheel?

For steering with an airbag, push the lever forwards in order to release the steering wheel and then adjust it to the position that best fits you.

Finally, pull back the lever so that you can fix the steering wheel in place.

Should the lever feel stiff, press on the steering wheel lightly at the same time as you move back the lever?

If your steering wheel has no airbag, start by pushing the lever so that you can release the steering wheel before adjusting it to your chosen position.

Thereafter, push the lever forward to enable you to secure the steering in place, and if the lever feels stiff while handling, press the steering wheel lightly at the same time as you move the lever backward.

This should enable you to both lower and make other adjustments to your steering wheel.

Telescoping steering wheel adjustment process – Conclusion

The telescoping steering wheel is that which is designed with features that allow you to adjust it in such a way as to get the position that will suit both your size and height.

Take note of the correct sitting positions as well as that of the hands too, for your protection and others too.

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