What Are The Importance Of Car Steering Wheel Lock?


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There have been cases where your steering wheel just seems to lock on its own without it turning to the left or right, although this is unlikely to occur while driving – which can prove fatal – there is probably one positive reason why a car steering wheel lock is important, and that’s to prevent thieves from driving it without the key in the ignition.

There is also a slight chance that your steering wheel might still lock if your key happens to leave the ignition box while driving – I have seen it happen once. 

Here are other times when your steering wheel might decide to lock on its own, and what you can do about it;

1. Steering wheels can lock while driving

Like I stated earlier, your steering wheel is unlikely to lock while driving, however, there is a slight chance of this happening which can be caused by a failure in the steering rack, column, or suspension. 

The moment you notice your steering wheel is locked while driving, quickly put on your hazard lights and ensure you leave the traffic scene as slowly as you can.

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Don’t try to force it as it would only escalate the matter on the ground. Once you are safely out of harm’s way, place a call to your mechanic and have him come to the place where it occurred – it’s not safe to continue driving in such a condition.

2. The steering wheels appear locked, but becomes extremely difficult to move

In a case where you need to apply lots of force in other to move your steering wheel, then it’s unlikely that your steering wheel is locked, rather, it’s more likely that your power steering needs to be checked by a professional.

Even at low speeds, power steering wheels are easy to move around, and easier when at a reasonable amount of speed.

The moment you discover you need to apply a certain amount of force before you move your steering wheel, then your next point of call should be the mechanic shop – they are the ones who can give you a sound diagnosis of what is happening to your steering wheel, or you can read this article on possible reasons why your steering wheel is now hard to turn.

Having an easier go at your steering wheel will give you an added advantage when it comes to responding to emergencies on the road – your biceps don’t have to increase because you are driving.

Are There External Steering Wheel Locks Aside From The Inbuilt Steering Wheel Locks?

There are external steering wheel locks you can purchase from Amazon if you feel the area you park your car is not safe enough. These locks will help to prevent your car from theft if that ever happens to be the case.


What happens when you lock your steering wheel?

As you should expect, locking your steering wheel on purpose (either using an external steering lock or turning the steering wheel without the key in the ignition) will prevent the steering wheel from moving either left or right.

This would also mean that you can’t leave your parking area until something can be done about it. if you happen to find your steering wheel locked on its own, then it’s probably because you accidentally moved your steering after removing the keys from the ignition box.

To fix this, try putting your car key into the ignition box, turn the key in the direction you would normally turn-on the car whilst turning the steering wheel in the process – this should bring reprieve to the situation.

How does a steering wheel lock work?

If you wish to manually lock your steering wheel, you can simply try turning your steering wheel after removing your wheel from the ignition box, but this might be a futile exercise in my experience because the steering wheel will automatically lock on its own if the slightest attempt is made to turn the steering wheel without the key in the ignition box – except you jumpstart the car though.

Can you drive with a steering wheel lock?

Of course, you can, but it’s a ride that will head only in a straight direction (supposing your wheel alignments are straight), which is no driving at all.

How effective are steering wheel locks?

Steering wheel locks are very effective when it comes to preventing or delaying car theft. A car is useless without its steering wheel, and steering wheel locks help to see to it.

What causes steering wheel locks?

Like I stated earlier, steering wheel locks are caused when there is an attempt to turn the steering wheel without the ignition key in the box.

In most cases, this can be solved by putting the key in the ignition box and turning it on.

Final words

Steering wheel locks can happen from time to time, but the important approach to this situation is to remain calm and simply turn on your car by putting the key in the ignition box – anxiety will do no good in such a situation, rather, it will worsen it. Drive safely.

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