What Can Cause Car Steering Wheel To Shake Then Goes Away?


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Have you ever notice that shaky sensation on your steering anytime you are driving a vehicle?

Well, it isn’t normal and shouldn’t be overlooked, or treated as a minor issue.

Here are some of the reasons why your steering might likely shake from time to time.

  • Your car tires
  • Your wheel axle
  • Your brakes
  • Your wheel areas
  • The engines

1. Your car tires

One of the first reasons that come to mind when your steering shakes is your car tires, and it’s easier to lean towards this thought especially when you consider that the steering is used to direct the wheels on which your tires rest on.

So if your tires are out of balance, then there is a huge chance of your steering shaking. 

You are likely to notice this speed when you drive at a higher speed.

To adjust this anomaly, ensure you properly inflate all your car tires before driving – especially if you haven’t driven the car for a long time.

If you also notice tire wear or one part of the tire is worn out – try rotating the tires to make the wears have an even effect to maintain balancing, but if the wear is bad then you would just have to get new tires for your own safety.

2. Your wheel axle

The wheel axle of your vehicle is likely to be a cause of your steering shaking if your vehicle was recently involved in an accident – whether major or minor – as long as an object was hit, there is a good chance that one of your wheel axles got bent, damaged, or broken. 

Just like the case of uneven balance in your car tires, you will notice the shakes when you drive at high speed, and low speed as well.

The moment you notice the steering wheel jerking from right to left on its own, you are more likely to have a broken driveshaft that requires the immediate attention of a mechanic.

3. Your brakes

In normalcy, a brake issue is likely to be the problem if you feel your steering vibrating while applying your brakes, but a stuck brake caliper will cause a very noticeable shake when you’re driving at high speeds.

Once you notice such changes, ensure to visit a mechanic immediately.

Anyone will prefer a bad engine over a failed brake anytime any day.

4. Your wheel areas

Aside from your tires which are likely to be the source of your steering wheel shaking, your wheels should be the next part of your car you should set your eye on since they are the centerpiece of your tires, and a good place to start will always be the wheel bearing.

Your wheel bearing can also wear out unlike popular beliefs that they can’t, and changing them completely is likely to solve the issue of your steering wobbling.

One easy way to easily diagnose a wheel problem is this; if your steering only shakes when you make a bend, then it’s likely that the issue is with the rod ends, but if it shakes only when you are driving straight, then the problem is most likely to be ball joints.

5. The engines

An engine problem will not only cause your steering to shake but your car as a whole – although the first place you are likely to notice such will be your steering.

This can likely be a result of air induction or speak-related issues that can prevent a car from running as smoothly as it should.

A broken engine mount can also be the cause of your steering shakes, but its effect is only felt when you are accelerating.


Will a bad wheel bearing make your steering wheel to shake?

Yes, a bad wheel bearing will cause your wheel to shake as explained above.

Can a bad alignment cause the steering wheel to shake?

Yes, a bad alignment is one of the major issues why your steering wheel is likely to wobble when driving.

Taking it to a professional will stop it from happening.

Can a bad tie rod cause shaking?

Yes, it can cause your steering to shake, but you are only likely to notice the effect on your steering anytime you take or make a bend.  

Can bad struts cause steering wheel vibration?

Yes, bad struts can cause steering wheel vibrations especially when they leak.

Endeavor to take your vehicle to a mechanic for it to be properly replaced.

What can cause the car steering wheel to shake then goes away – Conclusion

Regardless of what the problem is, the is a very small chance you can do anything on your own to fix it.

Taking your car to a professional will always be the best option to consider as steering issues can cause life treating accidents if not handled correctly.

Don’t give any room for delay.

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