Important and Must Have Gadgets You Should Attach To Your Steering Wheel


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What useful gadgets can I attach to a steering wheel: There are a lot of invaluable devices you can add to your steering wheel that will promote safe operation and also assist in turning the wheel for drivers who can steer with only one hand.

Notably, these gadgets are designed to take care of specific limitations in particularly drivers with disabilities.

However, before you install any steering wheel gadget, find out from the concerned authorities whether it is certified appropriate and safe for driving and obtain valid documentation to that effect.

Some of these gadgets include;

  1. The knob steer
  2. Tri-pin steer
  3. U or V Grip
  4. The Cuff
  5. The amputee
  6. The custom steer
  7. The palm

1. The knob steer

This is a gadget with a knob kind of grip. It’s useful and a must-have on any steering wheel.

2. Tri-pin steer

This gadget has three upright pins to accord stability to the hand and wrist of the driver.

3. U or V Grip

This is another device that can provide stability to the driver’s hand with its dual vertical pins.

4. The Cuff

This is a  steering wheel device that has a curved oval shape that fits around the hand of the driver to maximize control of the wheels while navigating through all kinds of terrains.

5. The amputee

The amputee is a device that is known to integrate with the driver’s prosthesis.

6. The custom steer

This is steering wheel equipment designed to serve specific purposes or drivers.

7. The palm

Finally is the palm, a steering gadget that also wraps over the top of the driver’s hand to facilitate smooth and safe control of the wheels.

What accessories can I add to my car?

Driving usually implies sitting behind the wheel for several hours and for that reason, options in various types of accessories are readily available to upgrade your car in order to enhance its safety and enjoyment.

They could be accessories that will tidy its interior, charge your phones or other equipment on the go, dish out desirable music or even save your life too.

Some cars come with these gadgets but most don’t. Well, luckily, you can install them yourself.

What extras should I ask for when buying a car?

There are all sorts of accessories you will undoubtedly want in a car.

Notable among these extras are Care Hand Gel Dispensers especially relevant during this pandemic which will effectively sanitize your hands during a trip.

The HUDWAY Cast Heads-Up Display(HUD) enables your phone to give you a kind of heads up while driving,  by projecting the GPS onto a very transparent screen right before you.

Additionally, it can receive calls, read text messages, control music, and lots more.

Another very valuable gadget is the Thule Motion XT XXL Rooftop Cargo, which can accommodate the whole of your family’s belonging on any big trip that is both stylish and easy to mount.

ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner keeps your car in a spick and span shape at all times no matter how dusty the areas traveled to maybe.

It is simply a portable vacuum cleaner.

Other accessories are Alexa Enabled Roav VIVA Car Charger, Handpresso Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker, Honda ZUS Smart Tyre Safety Monitor, and lots more 

Can I get a touch screen radio in my car?

Yes, you can and that is one sure way of creating a marvelous sound system in your vehicle.

They are so versatile that they allow you to perform various tasks apart from just listening to music which includes rearview cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, and so on.

How do I make my car high-tech?

To make your car high-tech means installing equipment or gadgets in it which all modern cars are supplied with.

This will allow you to enjoy such valuable accessories that are simply the state of the earth both in their services and aesthetics.

What useful gadgets can I attach to a steering wheel – Conclusion

It is true that old model cars are not as stocked as their more modern counterparts through the provision of such luxury that can only be imagined.

These features can perform basically all functions just to ensure your comfort and convenience.

Luckily, you can install most of this equipment in your car and by so doing, also enjoy as near to what you can get from these modern cars as possible.

However, in order to be on safer grounds, you should endeavor to find out from the requisite authorities whether the gadget you are installing is certified safe for use.

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