FIX NOW! If Any Of This Happens, Then Your Steering Angle Sensor Has Gone Bad


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What will happen when the steering angle sensor goes bad?: The steering angle sensor measures the steering wheel position angle as well as the number of turns executed, which enables drivers to make correct turns while driving and is located within the steering column amongst a cluster of other sensors.

These sensors are all responsible for determining the correct steering wheel position.  Should it begin to fail, do something fast as its failure portends great danger?

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When your steering angle sensor is bad, you are liable to make very wrong turns that can eventually destabilize or overturn the car with fatal consequences.

What are the symptoms of a bad steering wheel sensor?

Luckily, the steering wheel sensor hardly develops faults since it is manufactured to last for as long as the car in which it is installed.

Despite this, it can still undergo wear, tear, and eventual degradation.

Two prominent signs will tell you when it starts failing which are:

  1. Sending incorrect messages or even cessation of relaying this information all together, which can turn on your check engine light.
  2. Another sign of sensor malfunction is defective movements with your steering wheel which specifically happens mostly after you have got your steering wheel aligned or some part of it is replaced. 

Additionally, poor installation can lead to sensor malfunctions through the collection and relaying of wrong or inaccurate information that is capable of making your steering wheel feel loose or disconnected.

What does a bad steering wheel sensor do?

A faulty steering angle sensor will relay wrong messages to your steering wheel which can prevent you from making accurate turns while driving and this can cause you to veer off the road or run into other vehicles on the road or any other thing for that matter.

It is thus obvious that a bad steering angle sensor must be avoided at all costs.

Can you reset a bad steering angle sensor?

Yes, you certainly can.

Most cars now use an electronic control module that requires the re-setting of your steering angle sensor after every wheel alignment.

You are equally required to reset your sensor if you replace any components of the steering system.

In general, there are two ways through which you can reset your sensors.

The first is known as the self-calibration procedure.

This is a process where the car with the sensor is equipped with an automatic device or feature that will reset the sensor itself without any human input while just turning the steering from lock to lock and to the center.

However, certain commands need to be executed in order to initiate this auto-calibration.

Most newer cars are provided with these advanced sensors that are capable of auto-calibration.

The second method is called a scan tool reset in which there are several options.

Some of the tools are installed in the alignment system but many require that the calibration is performed manually.

To do it correctly, you will need a level surface.

If you cannot do it yourself, utilize the help of an auto mechanic.

How do you test the steering angle sensor?

If a steering angle sensor is bad, an error code will be sent to the ESC (electronic stability control) and thereafter, wrong instruction will be relayed to the vehicle’s engine module which will consequently lighten up a warning light on the dashboard.

The moment this light brightens, your steering angle sensor is faulty.

Secondly, when your steering angle is bad, the steering feels loose or disconnected to the touch.

These are sure signs of a faulty steering angle sensor in your vehicle.

What will happen when the steering angle sensor goes bad? – Conclusion.

The steering angle sensor controls the movements of your car either to the left, right, or straight ahead.

A function is ably performed through the aid of several sensors.

However, when something is wrong with it, erratic information is relayed which can lead to disastrous maneuvers of the vehicle in the wrong direction.

Luckily, these sensors don’t develop faults easily and secondly, they can self-calibrate themselves and where they can’t, the entire process of resetting them is easy to execute.

Should you not know how to go about the process, please contact a certified mechanic promptly.

This is the one equipment you mustn’t take liberty with, for your sake as much as for others too.

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