Why Does My Steering Wheel Goes In And Out?


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There are many reasons why your steering wheel may become loose and hence easily move in and out.

Some of the commonest reasons why your steering wheel may move in and out are; low hydraulic fluid level in the steering pump, a malfunctioning serpentine belt, or a failing steering rack.

Though the steering rack is made of steel, it often suffers from damage which can prevent the power steering from working perfectly.

Debris flying in from the highway, as you drive, can also strike and cause damage to the steering rack too. In addition, low fluid levels are quite capable of increasing the rate of wear and tear in the steering rack too.

How do I fix excessive play in my steering wheel?

In order to fix any overplay in your steering wheel, execute the following steps in the given order.

Step 1: First, put the transmission in neutral before you engage the emergency brake and raise up the front wheels by placing a jack stand under each side of the front frame. Then, put chocks behind the rear wheels.

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Step 2: Now, turn the steering wheel all the way to the left so that you can measure how far you should turn it to the right,  in order to start turning the wheel in the opposite direction. While moving it, do not exceed one inch at most.

Step 3: This is the stage where you should open the engine compartment and locate the steering housing which is usually on the driver’s side close to the firewall.

With the aid of your user manual diagram, locate the gearbox and also find the worm gear on its top which usually contains a flathead screw and lock nut.

Step 4: Using a wrench, loosen but do not remove the lock nut, and with a screwdriver, tighten the worm gear screw by 1/4 turn in the clockwise direction. Finally, tighten the lock nut again and then, return to the driver’s seat and examine the play of the steering wheel once again.

If it has improved but you still want more, you may repeat step 4 described above until you are satisfied.

Can the steering wheel be tightened?

Of course, it can. To do so effectively, follow the steps below according to how each is explained.

Step 1: After the mechanic does an elaborate check, he will then jack up the vehicle and remove the tires which will give him easy access to your steering wheel components.

You will be able to know after inspection whether they are worn out and require replacement or not. Should the tie rods, pitman arms, and joints be damaged or worn out, the mechanic would replace them since it is highly advisable to replace any damaged parts which will enable the steering wheel to start functioning well.

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Step 2: Before anything, the mechanic should take the car for a test drive in order to determine its exact problems in the steering wheel.

Step 3: After the installation of all damaged or worn-out parts in the steering, they should be adequately lubricated.

Step 4: The next procedure is to inspect the ball joints by removing the control arms to get access to the ball joints and replace them with new ones before any testing if need be.

Remember to always lubricate all newly installed components or they may start to malfunction as well. He should also make sure that the steering wheel is properly tightened.

Why Does My Steering Wheel Goes In And Out – Conclusion.

The steering wheel is the most important part of a car when it comes to driving safely and navigating around potholes, bumps, or other obstacles on the road.

When your steering wheel is faulty, you have little or no control of where the vehicle is headed. For this reason, any steering wheel malfunction must be treated as an emergency.

It is also the reason why the steering wheel is designed in such a way that will enable you to adjust it to your needs and taste.

Furthermore, there are accessories you can add to your steering wheels to make them more convenient such as the readily available state-of-the-art steering wheel covers that accord you better grip and handling while driving.

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