Why Does My Toyota Steering Wheel Control Doesn’t Work?


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One common complaint amongst new Toyota drivers has always been how to get a hang of the steering.

There could be various causes of this which could include messing up the settings with the right knowledge or user manual, not knowing if the particular function you seek is configured to the steering, amongst many others.

If you happen to fall in this category, you can follow the simple steps to the solution I will be outlining below – note that this is for connecting your DVD player to your setting.

Step 1

Go to the menu on your control

Step 2

On the menu, click on Settings, and on settings, click on steering setting.

Step 3

Touch the wheel button multiple times until it changes from various models of cars such as Ford, Mazda, Toyota, to USER. 

Step 4

On the user page, you will find the following; MUTE, MODE, VOL-, VOL+, << and >> buttons clearly displayed on the screen. 

Step 5

Now, go to your steering wheel, press down any of the buttons without removing your hand, then touch the button you wish to assign it to on the screen. Repeat this procedure for all the buttons on your steering wheel if you choose to.

Step 5

As soon as you are done, touch the SAVE button on the screen, then feel free to exit. You should have everything properly sorted out after these procedures. 


2007 Toyota Camry steering wheel controls not working

If you have a problem with your 2007 Toyota Camry steering wheel, maybe the buttons on the left are functioning but the buttons on the right aren’t, or vice-versa, you can start by cleaning the contact points of the buttons on your steering using ethanol or vodka with a very high concentration of alcohol. 

Cleaning the contact points can spark life into the areas, especially if liquid such as coke or water was accidentally poured on the steering.

If it still doesn’t work after these trials, then follow the steps above for the best result.

2014 Toyota Camry steering wheel controls not working

For those who have a 2014 Toyota Camry model, having issues with the controls of your steering is most likely to happen after having the recall work done on your vehicle, which can be linked to poor workmanship on your mechanic’s part – they probably didn’t secure the steering wheel to a fixed point when removing the linkage.

When the steering wheel is not fixed to a point during linkage, it becomes very free when rotating, causing it to easily damage your clock-spring cable.

Always insist they fix your steering to a point before undergoing any form of recall work.

Take your Toyota car to your dealer and lay a complaint – especially if you start noticing the issues with your steering wheel control after the recall was performed.

2017 Toyota Camry steering wheel control not working

A common issue with the 2017 Toyota Camry steering wheel has been the steering column, and since there is no personal remedy to this, I suggest you take it to a recommended car dealership to get it sorted out, but it might set you back about $1500 though.

How do you unlock a Toyota steering wheel?

If you are having issues unlocking our Toyota steering wheel, simply depress the brake pedal of your car and press the start/stop button while turning your steering wheeling left and right at the same time – if done simultaneously (pressing the start/stop button whilst turning your steering), your steering wheel should be unlocked in no time at all.

What causes a locked steering wheel?

One of the easy reasons why a steering wheel can become locked can be due to a stuck valve in your power steering column.

This can be as a result of undertaking multiple sharp turns or bends in a short period when driving.

When these sharp turns are made at such short intervals, it causes your power steering pump to become stiff, or stuck thereby, making it extremely difficult to turn your car steering wheel.

If you notice such when driving, alert oncoming drivers by flashing your warning lights (amber lights), and try to bring your car to stop before seeking assistance.

Why does my Toyota steering wheel control doesn’t work – Conclusion.

Having your steering wheel controls in perfect working condition is one of the things car owners look forward to, and I hope I have addressed some of the major issues you are likely to have with your car steering. Kindly drop your questions and contributions in the comment section let’s have a chit-chat. 

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