This Is The Reason Why Your Steering Wheel Keeps Moving Up And Down


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Why is my steering wheel moving up and down?: If your steering wheel is loose, one of the commonest signs is overturning when you try to take a turn such that the steering wheel will exaggerate your every movement by turning the car more than you actually intend.

Additionally, you may hear creaking sounds or noises from the engine particularly when you hit a bump on the road or when you are travelling at high speeds.

In all these cases,  you may have a shimming feeling transmitted from the steering wheel as though the car is moving from side to side.

Why is my steering wheel moving?

Your steering wheel may not really be stable when certain conditions prevail among which is tyre pressure.

In this case, you can resolve the problem by simply swabbing the tyres in some situations.

Poor wheel alignment is also a major cause of unstable or moving steering wheel.

In addition, carrying a heavy load that may be beyond the capacity of the vehicle can also give rise to a steering wheel that moves freely at the slightest touch.

Other causes for independently moving steering wheels are worn out linkages that connect the steering box, rack or pinion to the steering wheel.

When the linkages that connect the front wheels to the steering box are weak, your steering week may feel loose too.

Similarly, if the front suspension parts which enable the wheel to turn and that also hold the tyres in the correct positions are weak, you are liable to end up with a steering wheel that feels loose.

How do you fix a wobbly steering wheel?

To fix a loose steering wheel, the mechanic should turn the wheels first when the car is not moving and then get someone to inspect whether they are responding properly or not.

Ideally, the wheels should turn around a 7 cm turn at the wheel rim and anything less than this is indicative of an underlying problem.

Next, put the car onto a hoist and lift it up so that you can get underneath it to check the steering box and also to inspect each steering linkage. 

After that, inspect the steering box for signs of any wear, tear or leaks that are likely to manifest through low oil levels in the box.

Is a loose steering wheel dangerous?

A loose steering wheel is a recipe for disaster just waiting to happen since it becomes difficult to know exactly what is the position of the front wheels.

When you have incomplete control of your front wheels due to a non-responsive steering wheel, you are at the risk of road accidents more than under any other circumstances.

To guard against this, stop driving the instant your steering wheel becomes ineffective and seek the help of experts in the matter.

What does a loose steering wheel feel like?

The first thing you will notice with a loose steering wheel is that it feels unmanageable to manipulate and control the vehicle in your hands.

This makes it difficult for you to say with any certainty in which direction your tyres are turned.

Under such circumstances, you may have to turn your steering wheel excessively before you get it to respond.

Furthermore, your car develops the tendency to wander off the road to either the left or right easily.

Why is my steering wheel moving up and down? – Conclusion.

With a loose steering wheel, you risk getting the car veering off the road either to the left or right which may result in a very serious accident.

In addition, a loose steering wheel affords you less control of the mobility of the front wheels, which is also a recipe for disaster.

Whenever you notice this development in your car, you are strongly advised not to drive any further without getting the help of experts to resolve it.

You have equally been given signs or symptoms to look out for which will enable you to know whenever your steering wheel begins to develop any fault.

Finally, do not attempt fixing a wobbly steering wheel by yourself unless you happen to be a mechanic and be sure to observe all maintenance and cleaning regulations that will enable your steering wheel to last for as long as possible.

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